How to spend a 23-hour layover in Singapore


I personally love long layovers, it gives you a chance to explore cities that maybe you wouldn’t have ever gone to solely as a trip itself. Singapore is a great country and I’ve spent two long layovers there, here are some ideas on how to spend a 23-hour layover in Singapore.


Accommodation in Singapore

I’ve tried to do 23-hour layovers without sleep but honestly, you spend all your time walking around like a zombie, so if the timings align you should book a hotel, or even a capsule hotel within the airport to get a few hours of sleep. I stayed in Champion Hotel, it was in an ideal location not too far from the airport.

There are also hotels in each terminal of the airport so that’s an easy option to consider. Yotelair is a great option for a cheap and comfortable stay in the airport. If you don’t feel like paying for accommodation another option is finding some chairs to lie down on and you can sleep there for a few hours. 


Food in Singapore

Singapore has great options for food but the most notable for me was the fact that you can get one of the cheapest Michelin-starred meals in the world here. I tried the one Michelin-starred Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle. I have heard you can wait for 1-2 hours for these noodles but at the time I went, I only queued for 10 minutes.  In 2016, it became one of the first two street food locations in the world to be awarded a star in the Michelin Guide. I paid SG$8 ($5.70, €5, £4.50) for my portion of noodles. It was delicious and I would’ve queued for a long time to enjoy it. 



Another thing you must try in Singapore is durian fruit, which is known as the smelliest fruit in the world. The fruit is so pungent that is banned across all types of public transportation in Singapore. Even taxis have signs to let you know they refuse to carry passengers transporting the smelly fruit. The flavour is like a cross between gone-off meat, cheese, gym socks, and sweet fruit. Sounds bizarre, right? The best way to have it, in my opinion, is by having it on top of an iced dessert called Ice Kachang. 



Sightseeing in Singapore

Gardens By the Bay

This is by far the most popular attraction in Singapore. I loved how all the beautiful lights glistened and moved to the music at night. It was a spectacular show so I would recommend you go 1 hour before sunset to get the Gardens in all its glory, through daylight, sunset, and nightfall. The OCBC  Skyway is a must-see as you can walk among the light trees and it gives you beautiful views of the city. The admission fee for the skyway is SG$8 ($5.70, €5, £4.50), last admission is at 8pm. 


Universal Studios

This is something that is definitely not for everyone, but on my 2nd 23-hour layover in Singapore, I decided to just spend the day here. I love theme parks and amusement parks so this was a great way to spend the day. The prices for a 1-Day Ticket are:

Adult (Age 13-59) – SG$81 ($58, €51, £46)

Child (Age 4-12) – SG$61 ($43, €38, £34)

Senior (Age 60 and above) – SG$43 ($30, €27, £24)

For more information visit the website here


Jewel Changi Aiport

If you decide you don’t actually want to leave the airport on your layover, you’re in luck because Singapore Changi Airport just so happens to be the best airport in the world for the 8th year running. They have a beautiful forest valley and the world’s largest indoor waterfall. So if you don’t feel like leaving the airport, there’s so much to explore within.


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