11 Things to do in Santorini

Are you looking for things to do in Santorini? When I first booked a trip to Santorini, I was brainstorming things to do and I thought that spending a week there would be far too long! Oh, how I was wrong! There are plenty of things to do there so you’ll never feel bored.

I’ve compiled a list of my top 11 things you must do in Santorini (that aren’t all just watching the sunset).

#1 Take pictures at the Blue Dome

If you didn’t take pictures of the Blue Dome in Santorini, did you even go to Santorini? The Blue Dome has to be one of the most iconic images of the beautiful island of Santorini so it would be an absolute shame to not have a photoshoot in front of it.

#2 Spend a day at a Black Beach

There are plenty of black beaches to spend a day at in Santorini. My favourites were Perissa Beach and Kamari Beach. At both beaches, you can just buy some food/drink at one of the many beach bars and you can use the sun lounger for free! So if you are on a budget, it’s a great way to spend the day. Prices are reasonable and the views are beautiful.

#3 Rent an ATV

Renting an ATV in Santorini is a must-do in my opinion. It’s the best (and most fun way) to get around the island. If you are staying in a hotel chances are they will offer a partnership with a local ATV rental service.

Where I stayed we rented an ATV for €25/per day in the off-season. The prices in the peak season were €35/per day. You must have a full driver’s license to drive an ATV and you are expected to pay for petrol yourself.

#4 Go on a Catamaran Sunset Cruise

This is another must-do when visiting Santorini. The sunsets on the island are legendary, but they get even better when you watch them onboard a catamaran at sea.

We booked our Catamaran Sunset Cruise through Get Your Guide and I would really recommend this specific package. It included pick-up and drop-off, a delicious Greek buffet, unlimited wine and snorkeling.

#5 Drinks in a classy cocktail bar

Classy cocktail bars are so plentiful all around the island of Santorini. At sunset, it’s where you will find everyone with a drink in hand in Oia or Fira. Some of my favourites included V Lounge Cafe & Cocktail Bar, PK Cocktail Bar and Sun Spirit Sunset Bar.

#6 Sunrise Swim at Kamari Beach

Usually, when visiting Santorini, all anyone talks about are the sunsets. But did you know you can watch the sunrise too? If you head to the east of the island in the morning you can watch the most magnificent sunrises. The best part? There will be no one around.

We went to Kamari Beach at sunrise and decided to go for a dip as the sun was rising. It was so peaceful to swim in the early morning, and such a treat to have the whole beach to ourselves.

#7 Walk from Fira to Oia

This 10km walk from Fira to Oia is a great way to get to see more of the island. It takes between 3 to 5 hours to complete and boasts stunning views all the way. If you prefer to be super active on your holiday, this is for you!

#8 Visit Coração de Santorini

Coração de Santorini or the “Heart of Santorini” is a rock formation in the shape of a heart that overlooks the caldera. It’s a great place to view all of the island as it’s situated in the middle of the caldera.

It’s a little tricky to find but once you’ve arrived at the listed address on Google Maps, all you have to do is walk down towards the water and you can’t miss it!

#9 Scenic dinner in Oia

Having a scenic dinner in Santorini is a must-do, and the good news is that you have endless choices on where to go. You can have a beautiful scenic dinner in both Fira and Oia, but I felt the choice in Oia was a lot better, but it was also a lot pricier.

Try Sunsets Restaurant in Oia for the most amazing truffle risotto paired with an incredible view of the sun setting.

#10 Watch the sunset at Akrotiri

Everyone talks about how amazing the sunset is at Oia Castle, but personally I thought that watching the sunset at the opposite end of the island, at Akrotiri was even better!

If you have rented an ATV, you will be able to drive to Akrotiri and park there. Once you’re there you can climb down to sit on a rock to watch the sunset. Bring some snacks and drinks to make a little picnic out of it. The best things about watching the sunset at Akrotiri is that less people are there, so you’ll feel great knowing you have found a hidden gem.

#11 Taste Greek Wine at a Winery

I’ve been living in Greece for nearly 5 months now and I am still adjusting to how the wine tastes here. If you are a fan of sweeter wines, you’ll probably love the wine in Greece. Personally, I love a super dry wine so I’m yet to fall in love with the wine here.

But regardless of your wine preferences, it’s still a great idea to visit a winery while you’re in Santorini. I recommend the Santo Wines Winery, they offer tours, tastings, and food pairings. The winery overlooks the caldera so the views are amazing!

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